Ready for Strip Chat? Everyone who has followed my reviews knows that I love a good Webcam site. There is simply nothing better than watching sexy girls do everything they are asked to do and fulfill every wish. In addition, the fact that you can interact with them makes “Camming” an Online experience on a different Level than watching a more traditional, pre-recorded porn video.

This brings me to Stripchat – yet another online Option for the pervert who likes something more interactive and immersive. When you first come to Strip Chat, it will probably feel very familiar to you as it does to all the other Webcam sites you’ve seen: hundreds of thumbnails of sexy sluts to choose from and the ability to filter out the results on the left.

On you can filter by age (teens, twenties, MILFS and grannies), body type (petite, athletic, BBW, curvy), ethnicity (Arabic, Asian, black, Indian, Latin American, white), hair color (blonde, brown, redhead, brunette) and perhaps most conveniently, by the price of private Shows (8 Tokens per Minute – 90+ Tokens per Minute). You can also filter by category if you are looking for something more specific. I immediately chose “student”, but was disappointed to see that there were not very many sexy, innocent schoolgirls online at that time.

Overall, the Layout of the Website is pretty good. However, I was somewhat disappointed that the thumbnails did not move. Some Webcam sites give a small preview of what the Model has done recently, with a Clip that is activated when you move the mouse over the thumbnails. Stripchat does not have this Feature, only a more general, unmoved profile picture.

As for the girls, there were many beautiful ladies to choose from worldwide. Not many of the girls come from North America, which is always a bit disappointing for me. I’m always tempted by the thought that I might stumble across a girl I know on one of these Webcam sites, but there are loads of sexy Euro girls and Latina girls.

Leave it to the imagination

After watching a series of live video streams, the first thing I noticed was that they were much tame than what I’ve seen on other websites. The girls on this website seem to pick up all the good stuff for their private Shows. Most of the girls, for example, are mostly dressed – maybe they’re topless and dancing if you’re lucky. That doesn’t bother me necessarily. There is a lot to be said for teasing and leaving things to the imagination for a while. But at the same time, I think they could show a little more outside of the private sphere, if only so that I know in advance if that’s something I want to commit myself to.

Control freaks

For some of the Models, a Lovense Lush toy is activated and ready to respond to various tips, but not nearly as many as I’ve seen on other websites. If you don’t know the Lovense Lush, it’s a small pink Vibrator that curves to the G-spot and vibrates on command based on a remote signal. In the world of Camming, he usually responds to tips. It’s always nice to see Webcam girls being overwhelmed by pleasure when the Lovense is activated, but I think Strip Chat could probably do more to take advantage of some of the interactive features it allows.

With CamSoda, for example, it is set up so that if you tip enough, you can control the vibration settings for a certain time. This feature allows you to switch between low, medium, high and ultra-high vibration settings with a single click. In Stripchat, however, it is far less customizable. It is set up in a graded System so that, for example, giving 15-30 Tokens could activate the Lovense on Medium for a few minutes; 31-50 could activate it a little longer on high and so on. The Lush is always welcome, but I think Stripchat might consider doing a little more for its Models and its users.

A bit more intimate

One of my favorite features of Stripchat is the private messaging Client. I haven’t seen a private Chat so seamlessly integrated into another website with Camming. In addition, the girls have made quite consistent efforts to send me private messages.

This feature is a nice gesture, because it can be a bit strange to go so far with the Dirty Talk when you know that a hundred other guys see everything that is said and in some cases contradict your dirty ideas. One Minute you lose yourself in the thought of bending this whore forward and spanking her like the naughty little bitch she is, the next minute Bigdickjim8192 hits with “and then I lick your toes”. Thanks, but no thanks. Fuck you, Bigdickjim8192.

Speaking of private, Stripchat offers you two options with two different prices. For the lowest price, you can watch your girlfriend do whatever you want, or you can pay a little more per Minute and chat with her in C2C mode (Webcam to Webcam) so she can see you. My girl actually asked me to strip for her too. This way we would get along better, which was unexpected and a lot of fun.

Although I had a perfect time privately, I think Stripchat could probably benefit from taking another look at their private video chat features. Although I had the same complaint with every Webcam site I’ve been on so far-you guys really need to figure out how to make texting more enjoyable during your private video! It’s really annoying to have to click back and forth from full screen mode to access the chat box whenever you want to type something. I know the technology is in place, just fix it so I can type in full screen, damn it!

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

However, if you like private Chats with sexy girls, Stripchat is your best choice. It’s by far the most likeable Webcam site I’ve ever been to, even if it wasn’t the dirtiest (not that it wasn’t fun and dirty in private mode). However, if you’re looking for a bunch of sluts fucking huge Dildos and splashing around everywhere before you even suggest going private, Stripchat is probably not for you.

Get more out of your asses.

The girls keep it stylish on Stripchat and I definitely appreciate that. There is nothing wrong with a small increase. Sometimes there is nothing sharper than wanting something you can’t have. At least not in the beginning. Not everything must be immediately satisfying, you impatient little assholes. Enjoy the anticipation a little now and then, let them do their things, dance, strip, chat. The Website is called Strip Chat. What did you expect?

All in all, I enjoyed my time in Stripchat. Could some of your features be updated and expanded a little? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that, for what it allows, it’s not still a high-quality Webcam site with high-quality women from around the world. If you are there, take advantage of the benefits of private messaging and enjoy tipping the girls who have the Lovense in them. (I love how it makes you squirm and moan).

Those of you who can appreciate a good, lustful build to a climax will love Stripchat. The Rest of you should probably stick to the side of the Tube, where you can quickly cum in the usual 2-3 minutes. In the meantime, I’ll be over here chatting with beautiful Swedish chicks while they slowly strip for me. Happy Wanking Guys!

One last thing before I go…I can’t believe I almost forgot. You may already know, but I don’t fucking like advertising. If you’ve read other reviews of me, you’ve probably seen me nagging about it over and over again.

That’s why I’m proud to tell you that Stripchat, unlike Chaturbate, is an ad-free website for adults! This is so refreshing because, as you already know, it is so rare to find a porn site that is not riddled with advertising, just as cheap whores are riddled with STDs. Stripchat should be proud of this. I say you deserve a Parade in your honor. Does anyone want to host it? We can invite all girls with private messages!

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